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Omnichannel Payment Solutions

Payment Asia offers a wide ranges of payment solutions for all your business needs. Our Omnichannel Payment Solutions with innovative technology payment features that provide a seamless integration, reliable and secure system to meet the growing demand of the merchants.

Our innovative and secure one-stop solution platform combines various payment methods, from China Union Pay, credit card, Alipay to other alternatives. We aim at maximizing the customer base of merchants, reduce their operation cost and promote their transparency. Our clients come from tourism, aviation, finance and e-commerce, etc.

Online Payment Solutions

Our services are specifically designed to enable the secure, real-time processing of online credit and debit card transactions.

Credit Card Online Payment Services

  • Popular payment solution
  • Accept payments anywhere and anytime
  • Secure, efficient and effective

China Union Pay Online Payment Service

  • Low transaction rate
  • No chargeback
  • Direct debit
  • Real-time payment confirmation from China bank accounts
  • No payment repudiation

Alternative Payment Solutions

Nowadays, not only cards can be used to pay for online transactions. All the customers have their own choices to choose the online payment in order to cater their needs. With the rapid development of payment technology, business world now accepts wide range of payment choices. Alternative payment methods can represent the growth in eCommerce compared with credit cards. We aim at seamlessly including alternative payment solutions into our comprehensive payment service packages to provide the best and most efficient payment experience for merchants. Typically, Alternative Payment Methods will include, eWallets, Mobile Payments, Direct Debits and Bank Transfer.


eWallet is a type of electronic card which is used for transactions made online through a computer or a smartphone. It needs to link with bank account or credit card to make payments. Easy to Use, fastest growing payment method across the world. For example: Alipay, Paypal, Apple Pay, Wechat Pay etc.


One of the best Online Payment Service Provider – Alipay is a major eWallet in shaping the future of cashless payments. It has played an important role in the growth of the market. It’s support both online and offline payment with efficient currency exchange and settlement period. For offline, it relies on a QR Code System nowadays, simply one quick scan via mobile and you can receive or pay the payment easily.

Mobile Payment

An Application allows to make purchases on all eCommerce platforms by simply scanning a QR Code


Customers can use their usual bank account details to make payment online and offline

Direct Debits

Simple withdraws funds from another person’s bank account. It’s also use for recurring payments such as utility bills.