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Merchant Application Checklist

When applying for a merchant account, we kindly request that you use this checklist to ensure all documents have been provided. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Certificate of Incorporation(and Certificate(s) of Change of Name, if applicable) 
  • Business Registration Certificate (BR)(if applicable) 
  • Shareholder and Director Information (NNC1 / NAR1)(if applicable) 
  • Certificate of Incumbency(certified true copy and issued within 12 months prior to date of application) 
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association / Articles of Association and Amending Resolutions
  • Residential Proof (issued by a trusted authority within 3 months from date of application) of:-
    o All Director(s)
    o All Principal Shareholder(s)(with 10% or more shareholdings) 
  • ID / Passport Copy (certified true copy) of:-
    o All Director(s) of applicant and intermediate owners
    o All Principal Shareholder(s)(with 10% or more shareholdings of applicant and intermediate owners) 
    o All Ultimate Beneficial Owners
  • Latest Bank Account Statement of Settlement Bank Account(Bank Name, Account Holder, Account #, IBAN, SWIFT, Opening and Ending Balance should be clearly identifiable on the bank statement) 
  • Ownership Structure Chart(certified by Directors and shows all the following information of the applicant: Parent Company, Previous Name (if any), Registration Number, % of Shareholding, Country of Incorporation of each Intermediate Owners up to the Ultimate Beneficial Owners) 
  • If applicant is owned by a Parent Company, please provide the incorporation documents of all Parent Companies until all ultimate beneficial owners are identified
  • Related Financial Services / Business Trading Licenses(if applicable) 
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Financing of Terrorism (CFT) Policies(if applicable) 
  • Online Payment Processing Statements of last 6 months(merchant name, month, sales, refunds and chargebacks should be cleanly identifiable) (if applicable) 

Payment Asia may exercise its sole discretion to request for additional documents for certain applications depending on its circumstances. Please check carefully that all the above requested documentation is complete before submitting your application.